Bench Elementary School Grade 4/5 handball teams went a perfect three-for-three on April 29 at the annual district championships.

In the girls’ competition at the former Coquihalla Middle School gym, six teams did battle. The final outcome was very close, with the Bears edging the Diamond Vale Cougars for top spot.

A total of eight teams entered the boys’ competition, so they were divided into two pools of four at Diamond Vale and Collettville Schools. Bench Elementary prevailed at both locations. Here are the complete results:

Gr. 4/5 Girls’ Handball Tournament

1. Bench Bears

2. Diamond Vale Cougars

3. Central Hawks

4. Nicola Canford Coyotes

5. Collettville Chats des Sauvages

6. Vermilion Forks Thunderbirds

Gr. 4/5 Boys’ Handball Tournament

Pool A

1. Bench Bears

2. Vermilion Forks Thunderbirds

3. Nicola Canford Coyotes

4. Diamond Vale Cougars

Pool B

1. Bench Bears

2. Collettville Chats des Sauvages

3. Vermilion Forks Thunderbirds

4. Central Hawks