Dear Editor,

We have farmed in Merritt since 1982. We feel good about our land because I know it is better than when we came here, but we also take 800 tons of hay off our land every year. To keep the land productive, we must put something back into the ground to replace what we take out.

Our choices are between synthetic fertilizer, organic fertilizer (biosolids), and no fertilizer at all. We have used all three options over the last 33 years.

The two fertilizer options were very expensive. The synthetic fertilizer leaches into the groundwater whereas organic fertilizer is a much slower release and doesn’t leach into the groundwater.

The cost of organic fertilizer (biosolids) has gone down to nothing and is still safe. We feel the choice should be organic fertilizer (biosolids) if we are to leave our land better than it was when we came here.

We are not going to argue with anyone about the science of biosolids because most people who want to argue have already made up their minds and will not acknowledge the science nor see the farmer’s side. We, on the other hand, trust the science of using biosolids and we will continue on working the land.

Lou and Marilyn Cooke

Owners, Coquihalla Cattle Company