Resolution B-59 has passed at the Union of BC Municipalities convention in Vancouver today (Sept. 24).
The Thompson-Nicola Regional District and City of Merritt joint resolution asks the province to form a committee to examine and recommend changes to the biosolids review process as well as changes to the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation and Agricultural Land Commission Act.
There were more than 1,500 delegates at the convention and the resolution passed in a block of other resolutions with no opposition.
It will now become an issue for UBCM staff to bring to the province, which will respond to UBCM resolutions in 2016.
Under current provincial regulations, no public consultation or approval from a local government is required for a proponent to set up a biosolids composting facility or apply the fertilizer to land.
This resolution requests the province examine changing that in addition to answering whether or not composting and applying biosolids to farmland is an appropriate practice.
TNRD Area N director Herb Graham said he thinks they’re moving in the right direction.
“It’s taken the last 18 months or so to get where we’re going and it’s going to the provincial government now to see if we can get some changes made,” Graham said.
He said he thinks the regulations surrounding biosolids need to be updated, and people need to be consulted if biosolids are to be placed near their homes. Graham also said  the product should not be spread on food producing lands.