If you heard a boom coming from Devil’s Crack south of Collettville, don’t fret.

For the next three weeks the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is drilling and blasting rock at the Collettville rock quarry on the south side of Lindley Creek Road across from the rodeo grounds and Collettville Elementary School.

“We haven’t been active in there for 10 years,” said road area manager Bob Alexandruk with the transportation ministry.

This rock will be stockpiled at the site and used for emergency responses to protect river banks during floods, and for erosion control.

Alexandruk said the ministry has run out of its current supply and needs to collect more.

Three or four blasts will occur over a three week period, which was scheduled to begin today (Feb. 9).

“We want big nuggets [so] they use the minimum amount of powder just to get the rock to crack,” Alexandruk said. “ There’ll be a boom, but the ground will just expand maybe by a foot and set back down — there won’t be things flying everywhere.”

“It’s going to be about as boring as a blast can get,” he said.

Alexandruk said there will be two excavators and five trucks on site during.

Members of the public should stay clear of the area during these next three weeks.