For rider Brian Dougherty, this end of August is all about cycling for a good cause. 

Brian Dougherty, chief operating officer of Horizon Contracting Group, will be in Merritt after managing to reach his goal of $15,000 in donations for the Tour de Cure.

Tour de Cure is a cycling fundraiser event that supports cancer care innovation across B.C. through the BC Cancer Foundation.

Dougherty said he started to get involved in fundraising events for BC Cancer Foundation after his mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

According to Dougherty, the agency offered great help while his mom was being treated for the disease, with different treatments that helped prolong the quality of her life for the time she had left.

“She (my mom) wanted her request before she passed away, that if there was going to be a cancer agency that we were to support in the future years that we (my family)  support that one,” he said.

Dougherty said the event made him realize that there is a big community that have dealt or are dealing with cancer, which inspired him to join.

“Being part of something with that many people and the stories that were told and sharing, you know, similar experiences and realizing that I’m far from the only person that has gone through something like that,” he said

Dougherty reminded that there are always creative ways to be part of something and doing something for great causes like cancer treatments’ innovations and research.

“I work on creative ways to incentivize generosity from others so that we all can play a part in helping, you know, prevent this disease from hitting other people that we care about in the future.”

Dougherty will start his cycling journey today, August 25, from Squamish and is aiming to get to Merritt on Sunday, August 27.