Merritt police are warning the public to do their due diligence before purchasing goods from door-to-door salespeople after receiving a number of complaints last week.

While no scam occurred, RCMP Const. Tracy Dunsmore said the police detachment received some complaints about a furnace company canvassing Merritt.

She said the company is a legitimate one, but were not licensed to be operating in Merritt.

“I checked with the city, and they have had licenses in the past, but in this instance they weren’t licensed to be in the city,” said Dunsmore. “I called the company, which is actually out of Ontario, and it sounded like they had a team working out of the Kelowna area and they may have ventured out of their zone. They were licensed to be in Kelowna, but they did not have a license to be in Merritt.”

Dunsmore said the company has instructed the salespeople not to be operating in Merritt.

All sales people working in the Merritt area are required to have a business license from the City of Merritt and must produce it on request, she said. Salespeople operating without one can be issued a ticket from the bylaw office.

Dunsmore said one elderly resident made a purchase, but it was cancelled when her family invented.

RCMP Const. Tracy Dunsmore.

RCMP Const. Tracy Dunsmore.

“They probably gave the message correctly, but she wasn’t understanding exactly what they were saying,” said Dunsmore. “It sounded like a good deal, but at the end of the day it ended up costing thousands of dollars.”

Dunsmore said buyers should ensure that door-to-door salespeople are licensed to be operating in the city, and do all the necessary research before agreeing to the sale.

“You don’t have to buy it right then and there,” she said.

Most salespeople are working on commission and can be very aggressive in their sales approach, Dunsmore stated via email.

When dealing with door-to-door salespeople, do not allow them to rush you into a sale without having time to do checks, she advised. Ensure that you have time to review products online, check with the Better Business Bureau on the company and ask questions before signing up for a product,” she said.

As with anyone who is unwanted at your home, they are not entitled to enter your home without your permission and must leave when requested, she said in the email.

Further information can be found at the Community Policing Office at 2026 Granite Avenue in Merritt.