Dear Editor:

My name is Johanne and I am a very concerned mom. My daughter and her friend drove to B.C. to see their grandmother on the long weekend. On their way back, one of your officers pulled them over for speeding 40 kilometres over the speed limit.

I don’t have a problem with that. My probem is what the heck was he thinking impounding her car for a week? Oh that’s right, must be quota time.

He drops them off at the bus stop and tells them to find their way home. Two young girls who are 21, crying their eyes out.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a probem with the speeding ticket of $300 plus, but my daughter is a young girl trying to go to school and she’s never been in trouble with the law before. Now she is stuck without a vehicle for a week and who the heck is going to pay for the airfare back and the impound?

I can’t drive; I am blind in one eye. To leave two young girls stranded in the middle of no where is crazy.

Had something happened to them what I would get? “Oh, we are very sorry for your loss.” This doesn’t sit well.

It cost over $500 to get the two of them home, not to mention now we have to somehow get back to get the car a week later and pay for impound.

She needs her car to drive me to doctors appointments and what-not, as well as get herself to work.

We cannot afford this. We need her car back now. She’s never even had a speeding ticket before, and she said the officer was rude and ignorant.

I am thankful they are home but never ever would we go to Merritt. Is this the way the police department runs in Merritt?

Johanne Larkin

Calgary, Alta.