A large cannabis grow was busted by Merritt RCMP over the weekend, when the detachment was notified of the illegal operation.

“Merritt RCMP opened an investigation into a large rural cannabis grow operation in the Merritt area off of Highway 8,” said Cpl. Derrick Francis of Merritt RCMP.

“Health Canada advised the Merritt RCMP that the rural property did not have a cannabis or hemp authorization on the property.  The Merritt RCMP executed a search warrant under the Cannabis Act on October 30, 2020. The warrant was executed by Merritt RCMP; Central Interior Traffic Services; RCMP Air Services; RCMP Provincial Cannabis Coordinator; RCMP Indigenous members and a local contractor. Over 100,000 plants were destroyed on site with an estimated dried and processed value of 8 million dollars.”

While cannabis has been legalized in Canada, RCMP warn that there are restrictions around the number of plants you can have, and that they can only be used for your own consumption.

“Since the legalization of cannabis in 2018 an adult can grow four plants for their personal use at their residence,” said Francis.

“If a person grows more than that, whether it be hemp or cannabis, they can be subject to prosecution under the Federal Cannabis Act.”