Looking to harbour community support and raise funds for the team, the Merritt Centennials Junior Hockey Club is introducing a new event. The Cents’ first annual Rubber Duck Race will take place next month, giving participants the opportunity to support the team, win some cash, and cheer on their plastic waterfowl.

The event, which Cents staff tell the Herald is based off a Rotary event that saw great success, will see 950 ducks race from Lion’s Memorial Park on Voght Street, down the Nicola River, to the golf course on June 3 at 11:00 a.m. A prize of $1600 is up for grabs for first place, $1100 for second, and $600 for third, with some $100 prizes available as well.

“It is a fundraising event for the club, so a fun community engagement event,” said Courtney Christy, marketing manager for the Cents.

“People have the opportunity to buy a rubber duck, put it in the river, and hopefully watch as it wins as it crosses the final bridge.”

Ducks are now available for sale for $20 each, and those interested can purchase a single bird, or a whole flock. To purchase a duck, contact the Cents Marketing Office at 250-378-3604, or visit 2001-C Voght Street.