A promotional video showcasing the Nicola Valley will soon be posted on over 20 websites focused on economic development with an international reach, according to Deanne Parise, Economic Development Officer.

Parise spoke of the video during a presentation of the 2010 Economic Development Report at a regular council meeting March 22. The video, which features interviews with local business owners from different industries will be posted as soon as council gives its approval.

Opening with a description of the Nicola Valley, which includes reference to its rolling grasslands, many lakes and sunny dry climate, the video portrays Merritt as a good place to live as well as a friendly place to do business, said Parise.

Emphasis is placed on the fact that Merritt is the “crossroads of the Coquihalla” and the narrator informs potential investors that highway traffic continues to increase “bringing many travellers and customers.”

In a filmed interview featured in the video Parise says,”We have the power and energy to service any industry – I assure you you will not not only be welcomed by Merritt, you’ll love Merritt.”

Others featured in the video include Frank Rizzardo, president of Nicola Lakes Estates, John Boys, president of Nicola Logworks, Don Moses, former Lower Nicola Indian Band chief, and Mayor Susan Roline.

Production of the video began last year and included 72 hours of interview that was edited by Mike Fairfield of Merritt Marketing Group to its current 10 minute length.

It will be featured on the CFDC website, the Ministry of Trade Tourism and Investment websites as well as other international websites focused on import and export opportunities. Eventually the video will also be translated into over seven different languages.