Spring will be making an early appearance this year thanks to the Fountainview Academy Choir and Orchestra.
The 85-member musical ensemble will be performing a concert titled “Spring in the Winter” at the Merritt Civic Centre, Feb. 5.
“February is a really blue month when most people feel down and many depressions occur,” said Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Karel Samek. “So them coming at this time of year bringing cheer and encouragement and hope is like bringing spring in the winter.”
The concert will include favourite gospel classics, timeless hymns and contemporary sacred songs that have been featured on the choir and orchestra’s many promotional CD’s and DVD’s.
“They sing with heart and enthusiasm which always catches me,” said Samek referring to the choir’s Merritt performance last year.
It wasn’t hard to organize an encore for this year. In fact, Samek said that Fountainview Academy contacted him.
“I received a phone call from them, which surprised me saying, ‘we would like to come to Merritt, we liked it so much there,'” said Samek who quickly made arrangements for the popular group to come. “We consider ourselves very fortunate that they are coming.”
Fountainview Academy is a private school located in a country-esque setting between Lillooet and Lytton with an emphasis on fine arts and performance for students in grades 9 to 12.
Started by lay people who wanted to provide wholesome education for young people in an environment free from the drugs and alcohol that is prevalent in public schools, the academy focuses on intellectual development, work ethics, music and service, said Samek.
“The school is basically training the young people to go into the world and make a difference for good,” he said.
Some of the students participate in mission trips to South America where they help to build orphanages and others gain work experience at the academy’s organic fruit and vegetable farms. However, all students are involved with the choir and orchestra, which has toured internationally and been featured on radio and TV as well as at events such as the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.
In between tours, the group is currently working on production for a new DVD, which will feature the choir performing outside in beautiful nature scenes.
With top performers and inspirational music, Samek said the Fountain View Academy Choir and Orchestra is a concert that the whole family will enjoy.