The City of Merritt and Merritt Fire and Rescue Department have been recognized for their outstanding commitment to community resiliency this past summer.

The Community Resiliency Recognition Award, presented by FireSmart BC, celebrated Merritt’s outstanding commitment and dedication to reduce the community’s collective wildfire risk. 

This recognition comes after years of hard work and collaboration to ensure the city can withstand and recover from natural disasters. 

“I have confidence that Merritt will continue to set the example in reducing wildfire risks within our community,” Krista Minar, former emergency management coordinator for the City of Merritt, expressed her pride in Merritt’s accomplishment in a report.

Minar also added in the report that the “award is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of the City and the Merritt Fire Rescue Department.”

At the latest city council meeting on Oct. 24, Merritt Fire Rescue Department was represented by a few firefighters and Fire Chief David Tomkinson, who was really happy for such recognition.

“We were recently awarded the British Columbia Community Resiliency Recognition Award which is definitely worth some applause,” he said as those present applauded the group. “Which is in recognition of all the FireSmart activities and we can go as far back as Tom Lacey and Fire Chief Donald Moyes right into the 70s up to present time.”

Tomkinson also expressed his appreciation towards BC Wildfire Service during the meeting.

“We thought it would be appropriate at this time to also recognize BC Wildfire Service … for their contribution,” Tomkinson said. “This summer’s hog fuel fire is just another example of that, where they came when we made the call, so we’d like to recognize them.”