Fire damaged houses in Merritt may soon see relief under two potential measures.

A report submitted by Linda Brick, City of Merritt’s director of corporate services, outlines potential measures for ensuring the remediation of homes that have suffered catastrophic damage, specifically from fires.

In the report, Brick said after reviewing the available options, there are two which could be recommended as viable for implementation. 

The first option is a remedial action requirement order from the city council in order to “address matters that are declared nuisance or hazards,” the report reads.

The second option is a compliance order issued by a bylaw enforcement officer under the city’s Good Neighbour Bylaw.

“If, in the opinion of a Bylaw Services Officer, the owner or occupant of a property fails to comply with a requirement of the Good Neighbour Bylaw, the Bylaw Services Officer may issue a compliance order requiring the owner or occupant to bring the property into compliance with the Bylaw,” the report reads.

According to the report, city staff recommends that fire damaged houses around Merritt should be addressed on an individual basis by the city.

Furthermore, in order to minimize the risk to the city, city staff suggests that in cases in which the property owner doesn’t comply with a remedial action resolution issued by the City of Merritt, the city will seek a court injunction before city contractors complete their work.