The City of Merritt has rescinded the active evacuation orders on 66 flood-affected properties.

The City says these properties are now accessible by emergency services and have had all utility hookups restored, but adds that properties are still being evaluated and the order could be adjusted. Previously, accessing the properties beyond the allowed daylight hours was a safety concern.

“It doesn’t make sense to have a 10 hour period where people can access their homes, when many of them want to be in it full time,” said Greg Solecki, recovery manager for the City.

“There is now no limit to what they can do to help repair or do what is necessary with their homes.”

While the addresses listed by the City in their May 18 release are no longer on evacuation order, Solecki stresses that this will not impact flood affected Merritonians’ ability to access services such as Red Cross aid and Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA).

“This in no way restricts any potential support people have been getting. A lot of people thought the resources available were tied to being evacuated. That’s not the case. Support is there on a case-by-case basis.”

Solecki added that while the Merritt Support Centre may not always be available in its current physical form, the services it has provided to Merrittonians won’t be going away. Four properties remain on the City’s evacuation order list.

For more information, or to access support, visit the Merritt Support Centre at 1700 Garcia Street, or call 1-877-655-0341.