City of Merritt to apply for two Union of B.C. Municipalities grants.

At the May 15 regular council meeting, a resolution to apply for the UBCM Asset Management Planning grant and the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program.

The Asset Management Planning grant will pay half of the eligible costs up to a maximum of $25,000 to support City asset management work in 2024, whilst the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program provides up to $10,000 to support local governments in developing or improving long term comprehensive plans.

The City of Merritt is intending to submit three applications under the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program for a total of $30,000.

“We’re going after two different grant streams to try and accomplish some of the asset management work,” said City of Merritt chief financial officer Kevin Natkinniemi during the council meeting.

“The first one got submitted last week based on email correspondence, the second one is related to that in terms of the level of information we have to gather about city infrastructure above ground, below ground, to be able to do all the asset management scope of work this year. So the intention is to try and wherever possible and leave some of that money in that reserve for future projects.”

If all applications are approved, the City will receive $25,000 from the Asset Management Planning grant and $30,000 from the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program for a total of $55,000 from UBCM.

“This is reducing the burden on that gas tax reserve and trying to preserve its use for other projects,” said Natkinniemi. Currently, the City’s gas tax reserves sit at $3 million.