In hopes of building some goodwill and perhaps stir some interest in the area, City of Merritt staff attended a B.C.-India Global Summit in Vancouver last month at the convention centre.

“The summit was built around the idea of introducing and sharing ideas among business people from Canada and India,” said James Umpherson, economic development manager, City of Merritt. “Essentially what it was was a great opportunity to promote the city of Merritt as a place to do business and a community that’s open to exploring new ideas and new opportunities. We met a lot of business people from India and a lot of the necessary government people from both India and Canada so we can build that relationship and that rapport.”

There were also several panel discussions with experts on Canada-India business relations.

“It’s looking at how do we get people from India to invest here,” said Umpherson. “It’s also looking at: how can we sell our products to India? How do we make those connections? It’s a two-way flow. I think it went well. We’ve got quite a list of connections inside and outside of Canada. I think we’ll see some dividends paying, particularly since the Nicola Valley and Merritt have a strong Indo-Canadian business culture, so that bodes well for us. We also have a very inexpensive, in comparison, business climate and all the benefits of living in Merritt such as the transportation network and access to markets. We think we had a good pitch.”