Teachers at Collettville Elementary School were welcomed to school on Thursday, May 6 with a message of appreciation from their students.

“The Collettville Elementary School PAC (Parent Advisory Committee), thought it was important to show the staff of Collettville School how much they are appreciated,” said Heather Yastremsky, President of the Collettville PAC.

“We asked students to come to the school the evening before to decorate the school sidewalks and on the ground outside the classroom doors with kind messages written in sidewalk chalk.”

The students embraced the initiative, doodling messages of love and appreciation around the exterior of the school, writing words of thanks and drawing hearts in every colour that the box of sidewalk chalk allowed.

“We also provided a surprise lunch catered by Mary’s Catering for them,” said Yastremsky.

“When the new restaurant Cocos heard about our efforts to honour the Collettville staff they also donated food for the staff.”

The students were also asked to come to school Thursday morning dressed as their favourite teacher, either one of their own teachers or a fictional teacher from a book, movie or TV show.

“The staff all felt very loved and very much appreciated the efforts made to make them feel appreciated,” said Yastremsky.

“We as a PAC are hoping this little bit of kindness will help give them a boost to get through the next few months of a very difficult year.”