Dear Editor,

So, it is further revealed that Tom Fletcher knows a whole lot about nothing.

Tom Fletcher is the familiar smiling face on the Merritt Herald’s editorial page.

On April 18, while decrying Greenpeace in “Environmentalism for dummies” Tom Fletcher describes himself as “one of the many young fans who cheered as Moore, Bob Hunter and the other 1970’s pioneers set out from Vancouver to disrupt Soviet nuclear testing.”

Soviet testing? Wait a minute. In 1971, that small group of activists set sail to the Amchitka Island off Alaska to try and stop a US nuclear weapons test. Not a Soviet test, Tom. An American test.

Some sharp in-house reader (Sooke Standard?) brought Fletcher up to speed online but not before his boo boo went to press province-wide.

Fletcher’s gift for the gab is so much firmer than his grasp of the facts. Apparently so from his earliest political awakenings!

Only a Soviet nuclear test would be protested. They were the bad guys. Right?

Fast-forward forty years and Tommy is still twelve and on the wrong side of the facts but no matter. He’s on side in the fantasyland of “what global warming?” and so on the far right side in Tory land.

We count on Fletcher to mince his way past every rational argument with disdain and verbal sharpshooting that rarely hits the mark accurately, but who cares?

After all it’s only tree huggers and lefties he’s after.

And as for the collateral damage like the truth or the planet, so what? Tommy’s on a roll and here in Tory land we lap it up like even the slightest rise in petroleum stocks.

Tom Fletcher continues to make the case that ” if you are not part of the solution there’s good money to be made in prolonging the problem”.

Dave Cursons