by Laísa Condé —

As the newest member of Merritt’s community, I believe this is the best time to introduce myself to everyone. I’m Laisa, and I am the new full-time reporter here at the Herald.

My life has been quite the adventure so far. I have switched majors, changed careers, left my home country and my family so I could pursue what I was passionate about. I was never alone in this adventure, as my friends and family have always supported me and my dreams.

I have often heard from my college instructors that “journalists know and can talk about everything.” Well, almost everything. It’s a career that gives us the opportunity to learn, listen and talk about so many different subjects that we often become “experts” when writing a story, especially if it’s one that we are curious about. 

As a young journalist, I get the incredible honour to work alongside Marius, who has been nothing but patient with me throughout my moving process. I am sure that he will guide me through Merritt’s unique community and help me improve my journalism skills. 

I came to Merritt from Vancouver, and prior to that I was still living in my home country, Brazil. 

As a reporter, I know how passionate people are for their local stories and newspapers. I am grateful to be part of this newsroom and community. All I ask is patience as I learn how to navigate around Merritt and learn about the people that make this town great.

I hope to use all the experiences I’ve gained throughout my time in college and my internship to amplify the voices of Merrittonians through the art of storytelling.