—— by Laísa Condé

As I celebrate seven months living in Merritt, I also celebrate another milestone in my career. It is with great pleasure and sense of responsibility that I assume the position of editor here at the Herald.

During my seven months here, I have committed myself to delivering accurate and balanced news to this community that I have learned to call home. I embark on this new role with the same commitment towards the many Merrittonians that read our paper have come to expect.

In this small town, I have witnessed the power of journalism not only to inform but to inspire and catalyze positive change within our community. It is with this understanding that I step into the editor’s shoes, fully embracing the responsibility that comes with the position.

Local news lies at the heart of our mission at the Herald, I will make sure to maintain a keen focus on the issues that matter most to you – our readers – because it is through your stories that we define the character and spirit of our small town.

To my biggest mentor in our newsroom, Jake Courtepatte, it is sad to see you leave, but we will all be rooting for your success in your next adventure. To my work colleagues, thank you for trusting in me for this role and reassuring me that journalism is chaotic, but incredibly fun. To my friends and family back in Brazil, as always, I couldn’t have gotten here without you all.

I am eager to share this next chapter of my life with those who make Merritt great. I can’t wait to see what future stories I might cover. Merritt has made me fall in love even more with journalism and local news. I am lucky and glad to have found a place to call my home away from home.