British Columbians will have the chance to clean out their (gun) closets this October without judgement, as the B.C. RCMP will be collecting unwanted guns throughout the month as part of an amnesty program.

People will also have the chance to turn in as much unwanted ammo as they want, along with any guns (documented or undocumented).

The amnesty means that all guns will be accepted, provided they haven’t been used for a criminal purpose — in past B.C. gun amnesties, police have collected a rocket launcher, a military missile, and antique bayonets.

Those interested in turning in their guns are encouraged to call the non-emergency police line to arrange for officers to attend and retrieve the weapons. There are strict rules prohibiting people from showing up at their local station with their ready-to-be-surrendered arsenals.

The guns and ammunition will be destroyed by police, part of a larger effort by police to stem the flow of illegal weapons to gangs and the drug trade, said Mike Morris, solicitor general and minister of public safety in a press release.

“In past amnesties, many British Columbians have surrendered firearms with an interesting or even distinguished past, because they recognize those histories could turn tragic if the weapons fell into the wrong hands. Stemming the flow of illegal weapons to gangs and the drug trade is critical to furthering public safety on our streets,” he added.