Eight games, eight wins.

The Diamond Vale Cougars put on quite a display of basketball supremacy at the Grade 6 and 7 district championships on Friday, going undefeated en route to winning both the boys’ and girls’ titles.

At Nicola Canford School, six local elementary schools duked it out for top honours in the boys’ division. The Cougars were never really challenged, as they ran roughshod over their opposition from the host school, Bench, Central, Collettville and Vermilion Forks (Princeton).

Over at Central School, five schools battled for the girls’ title. Once again, the Cougars dominated, outscoring their opponents 100-52 in four games.

In the girls’ tournament, each team played each other once and the squad with the best record won the tournament.

Diamond Vale finished 4-0 while Bench came second with just one blemish on their record at 3-1. The remaining three teams all finished with records of 1-3. Ties were broken based on head-to-head match up placing and then total points if needed.

Colletville Elementary scored 65 points in the tournament, Central School had 46 and Nicola Canford scored 44 to round out the standings.*GordonWare_web

The boys’ tournament was played as a bracket style, where the six teams were matched up and winners advanced to play each other in subsequent rounds. Losing teams were paired up as well, so not every team played each other, nor did they all play the same number of games. The Diamond Vale boys team won the tournament with a perfect 4-0 record.

Diamond Vale principal and girls coach Bruce Bidney told the Herald the girls team is one that has many dedicated players.

“They came out strong and they’re a great team to work with,” Bidney said.


Boys                                Girls

1. Diamond Vale           1. Diamond Vale
2. Vermilion Forks       2. Bench
3. Nicola Canford         3. Collettville
4. Bench                         4. Central
5. Collettville                 5. Nicola Canford
6. Central