City council gave unanimous approval to having staff prepare a request for proposal (RFP) to find someone to operate the newly-built concession stand at Central Park on a one-year pilot project.

A report to council states the facility would be better utilized by being open on a regular basis as opposed to just weekends in the summer when there is an event or tournament in town. Having a qualified operator for the concession would free the city of bearing the burden of cleaning the facility, making inspections after its rental and from the risk of injury and/or fire from improper use of its equipment, the report stated.

The concession building has a deep fryer, which poses a liability concern if the city were to rent out the facility to multiple groups instead, stated the report. Renters would need to be knowledgeable of how to properly use and clean the equipment unless the city were to prohibit use of the fryer altogether.

Coun. Ginny Prowal said she was concerned some user groups would lose revenue from having one party operate the facility.

“How much that might be, who would be affected at this point, I don’t have a clue,” Prowal said, adding that she’d approve a one-year trail that will hopefully bring about feedback.

The motion to prepare an RFP to find an operator for the facility for one year passed unanimously.