The City of Merritt has chosen to enter into an agreement with local associations to fund a washroom facility for the Fall Fair.

A joint project between the Nicola Valley Fall Fair Association, Nicola Valley Rodeo Association, City of Merritt, and Thompson-Nicola Regional District, the City of Merritt was the final signature needed.

The TNRD is committed to the project up to a total of $130,000. The City would provide project management services for the construction of the facility, of yet a dollar value is yet to be known.

Merritt Mayor Linda Brown said that the facility is “very much needed.” Councillor Adam Etchart agreed.

“With the amount of money that is being put into this facility, which has been a landmark for so many years, even if it is (some in-kind time) we gain such a benefit from this that I can’t help but think that so many different organizations would benefit from it…how many events happen throughout the year? It just supports all the different things that happen there.

“It just seems like a good investment.”

City CAO Sean Smith added that the current outhouses that are in use at the grounds do not do justice to the facility.

“It’s a beautiful facility…it’s a big, open space, but it’s outhouses for the bathrooms right now. It’s a beautiful space that can be used for a lot of things…I think there could be a lot of country-style weddings, they would be thrilled to have those kind of events there. But it’s severely hampered by the fact that the minute the bride comes around the corner and goes ‘you want me to go to the bathroom in that? We’re going to go look somewhere else.’

“I think this is severely going to open up the ability for that property to be used.”

City Council was all in favour of signing the agreement, with none opposed.