Council voted unanimously to establish two scholarships for School District 58 students that would be awarded by the City. 

“It’s something that I’ve been asking for for a few years, I think this is one way we can support our community,” said Mayor Linda Brown, who initially proposed the idea.

The scholarships would provide $1,000 each to two students, ideally selected by the School District. 

“My idea would be that it would be the school district that picks out the student and provides that information for them.” 

The Mayor noted that during her time at City Hall, including as a Councillor, she was surprised and somewhat embarrassed to find that several community organizations provided scholarships to worthy students within the Nicola Valley, but that the city was not one of them. 

Councillor Kurt Christopherson expressed similar surprise. 

“Having been in education for most of my life I strongly support it, but I was a little amazed at one of your statements that the City has never had a scholarship?” queried Christopherson. 

“They may have had one prior to our time, but not since I’ve been on council,” the Mayor affirmed. 

“It’s high time we did then,” said Councillor Christopherson. 

The two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis.