Federal NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh dropped by the Coldwater Hotel in Merritt for a one of his signature “JagMeet and Greet” events on Monday.

Introduced and endorsed by former B.C. NDP MLA Harry Lali, Singh told the crowd about how his experiences growing up in Toronto helped shaped his political philosophy.

He rose to viral acclaim last week, after a video of Singh calmly dealing with a racist heckler garnered millions of views across various social media platforms.

First elected to Ontario’s provincial parliament in 2011, Singh rose to be deputy leader of Ontario’s NDP party. Though he has never held office at the federal level, Singh’s bid to be leader of the federal party will have to see him best three NDP candidates who currently hold seats in Parliament: Nikki Ashton, Guy Caron and Charlie Angus.

The first round of voting is set for Sept. 18, though the new leader won’t necessarily be selected after the initial vote.