A year ago, two brothers, Clinton and Connor Kaboni, were talking to their father about their future. They had recently moved to Merritt from North Bay, Ontario.

“My dad was saying that he couldn’t put more money in our college fund for a little bit,” said Clinton. “So we decided to make a clothing line, because people who sell clothes make quite a bit of money, so that’s how we would make our money.”

It was a simple idea that resulted in DahBroz clothing line. According to the boys, it’s more than just filling up the college fund.

“We bring inspiring clothing,” said Connor. The Kaboni family run a foundation called Y We Dream, that sponsors role model speakers and a skills and drills hockey program for youth ages 11 to 13.

“We have a foundation that helps kids that can’t afford to fulfill their dreams,” said Clinton. “Our company gives money to that foundation and helps those kids.”

Their tag line is “It is” and their goal is to launch several lines to support youth programs like suicide prevention, staying in school, and anti-bullying.

They had a booth set up at this year’s Rockin’ River Music Festival.

They’ve also managed to gain the support and mentorship of former Indian Motorcycles president Mike Elwood.

“My dad has a lot of connections with friends from when he was doing business when he was younger, and he suggested Mike Elwood,” said Clinton. “That was pretty cool because he was president of Indian Motorcycles, and we thought he must be good at business because he put them back on their feet.”

Now, a year later, Clinton, age 13, and Connor, age 12, are on their way to Hawaii on October 27, to the World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF), a networking event where they will be introducing sponsors’ companies.

“I’m kind of a little nervous, but I’m also excited,” said Clinton.