For the first time in two years, the Love To Dance Academy was able to present a live-audience event at the Merritt Civic Centre. The ‘Dancepiration Day of Dance’ was a very busy and exciting day! The morning session involved 58 medal tests, individually performed on stage, in front of family and friends, and evaluated by a studio dance instructor with one external guest judge. Students were then presented with a certificate of completion and a medal for each test. The afternoon session showcased a Love To Dance Academy dance recital where students performed alongside their fellow classmates, from the smallest preschool students to the more advanced and long-time students, including encore performances from students that participated in both the Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts in March, as well as the Shine Festival in Penticton in May. The recital was very well-attended. Parents, family, friends, and community members enjoyed the opportunity to watch live dance performances in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere and to applaud the fine results of students’ hard work and dedication. Many Love To Dance families attended the annual dance achievement and recognition awards and trophy presentation, during the evening session.

Indeed, students, teachers and parents alike enjoyed participating in an in-person dance event once again! It was an all around good feeling to have students dancing on stage again, bringing light, joy, energy, excitement, and sparkle into the lives of others. The Merritt Dance Society, as well as the Love To Dance Academy and its students, are grateful to the City of Merritt for their support and kind assistance in hosting the Dancepiration Day of Dance at the Civic Centre.

The opportunity to bring people together again to share the art and athleticism of dance (not to mention the cuteness factor of watching those teeny people moving to the music in darling costumes) has re-ignited enthusiasm for live performances, and the studio is very much looking forward to presenting a more elaborate concert this coming November, as part of the community’s Country Christmas celebrations.