Dear Editor:

My girlfriend and I have been coming to Merritt for four years. The first time was to attend the Merritt Star Quest, but we quickly decided we loved the area and have gone camping at Monck Park and Kentucky Alleyne Park several times.

We’ve even braved the February cold and stayed at local motels just to get away.

Last week, we stayed at Monck Park and my girlfriend tried out her new telescope with a digital camera. She’d never tried astrophotography and being right in a park instead of a “dark” area, we weren’t expecting much.

However, the superb Merritt skies outdid themselves and we got a great shot of the Andromeda Galaxy (a mere 2.5 million light years away) with it’s satellite galaxies M32 and M110. It’s no Hubble image but considering it was taken with about the lowest end non-toy telescope you can get, it’s amazing.

This is why the Astronomers keep coming back to Merritt.

Not just dark skies and great quality atmospherics but a great town overall.

Pat Meloy and Rhonda Scott

Surrey, BC