Ex-Conservative cabinet minister Stockwell Day showed his support for the BC Liberals when he stopped by Brambles Bakery and Cafe on April 10 with Liberal Fraser-Nicola MLA candidate Jackie Tegart for breakfast and a meet-and-greet.

Tegart said she is grateful for Day’s support as she gears up for the campaign ahead of the May 14 provincial election, which is slated to kick off after the writ drops today.

“I think it’s wonderful that Stockwell Day has stepped up and said that he supports the Liberals in this so-very-important election,” Tegart said.

Day served as the Minister of International Trade and the Minister for Public Safety in the mid-2000s under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and did not seek re-election in 2011. Day told a crowd of about 30 people in Merritt that working with Liberals while he was a Conservative minister and having known Tegart for years on the provincial political circuit made supporting the party a natural transition.

“I worked with the BC Liberals back when I was formerly in government as a Conservative, and have seen first-hand as a B.C. citizen the positive results of their economic policies,” he said. “I’ve supported them in the past and I certainly support them now.”

Day said New Democrat policies on resource development will chase jobs and money out of the province. Tegart agreed with Day’s criticisms.

“I think we’ve spent a long time trying to dig ourselves out of the hole that the NDP put us in, and despite the worldwide economy, we’re looking pretty good in British Columbia,” she said.

Polls show a consistent NDP lead, usually of 12 to 15 points. In the latest EKOS poll of about 800 British Columbians from April 3 to 10, the BC Liberals were about 12 points behind the NDP (27.3 per cent to 39.3 per cent, respectively). The Green Party came in at 16.2 per cent of the respondents’ votes, while the Conservatives took 13.4 per cent.