Merrittonians will get the chance to gather around and have meaningful end-of-life conversations over a pint of beer soon.

Death Over Drafts will allow local residents to bring two passions together, craft beers and conversations about death and grief. The free admission event will be hosted at Grand Pub & Grill on Saturday, Nov. 4, at 1 p.m.

Penny Turko, organizer of Death Over Drafts, said the event is a good way to get people thinking about preparing for their end of life and not be afraid of the conversations on death and dying.

“When we’re serious about facing mortality, it really helps us to say, okay, well, I’m not going to be here forever. What are the things in my life that I really want to do,” she said.

She calls the creation of a personalized end of life plan a healthier way for families to walk through their grief journey.

“The creation of a personalized end of life plan is the most effective way to have your wishes honoured, to protect your family and reduce their stress and trauma, and to leave a legacy for the people that you love that will comfort them even after you’re gone,” she said.

In her words, friends and family are also able to move forward more easily in their grief journey and not worry about a loved one’s last wishes, as well as focus on the legacy they leave behind.

“The person that’s dying, knows that they will live on, they’re never going to be gone. The stories that are shared from friends and are never forgotten,” Turko said. “They take it from a place of this one physical body that’s over and gone to a place of living on in generational ways for the people that you love.”

Turko hopes that anyone who attends the event is able to enjoy themselves.

“It’s just a very casual conversation. There’s not, you know, there’s not any rules, basically, except for respecting other people’s opinions, and you just get together (and have a good time).”

When: Saturday, Nov. 4 – 1 p.m to 3 p.m.

Where: Grand Pub & Grill – 2099 Garcia St., Merritt, B.C.

Cost: Free admission.