The Nicola Valley Dirt Riders Association ended their 2022 season with outstanding performances from all its members at the Pacific North West Motorcycle Association (PNWMA) Cross-Country Race Series. This series consisted of 9 races throughout the season, with 15 Merritt members bringing home great results at the year-end awards ceremony with the following achievements:  

Ostyn Fox- Expert: 2nd 

Eva Galbraith- Womens Intermediate: 2nd  

Carter Shackelly- Intermediate: 5th 

Gavin Shackelly- Intermediate: 1st 

Noah Galbraith- Intermediate: 3rd 

Lexi Galbraith- Women’s am: 1st  

Aleck Henry- Kids Intermediate: 3rd 

Graycin Nicholls- Junior Over: 16th 

Ty Jackson- Junior Under: 12th  

All of the members would like to thank the PNWMA and their sponsors for an amazing awards night and a great season. The Nicola Valley Dirt Riders Association and their amazing supporter, Nicola Motorsports, are very proud of each and every member and the progress they have shown. The association and its members are looking forward to more races in the upcoming 2023 season.