From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health. ~Catalan Proverb

We probably all procrastinate from time to time, or in certain areas of our lives.

Generally the reason we procrastinate is because we do not particularly like the task we are putting off.

Natural consequences likely ensue: there are interest charges because a bill was not paid on time; the vacuum loses suction because the canister is too full, things start growing in the fridge because it has not been cleaned out in recent memory, or plants start to wilt in the final stages of dehydration.

These kinds of consequences are manageable. They are little nudges that remind us that we must stay on top of these things.

However, there are times when procrastination can have more serious consequences.

This is particularly true when it comes to our health.

Putting off things like mammograms, prostate screening, and annual physicals is at best unwise, and at worst, dangerous.

Putting off losing weight or quitting smoking just means there is more time for things to go awry in the body.

The same goes for all those excuses for not exercising.

Exercise is not just about looking good, it is about keeping things moving and circulating in the body so toxins do not build up.

We only have this one body, and it has to last our whole life. We cannot trade it in for a new model when it stops working so well.

Procrastinate about mundane things if you will, but do not gamble with your health.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.