Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to the City of Merritt wanting to build a shelter at Spirit Square.

Yes, Merritt gets very hot in the summer, but I don’t believe we need to spend all that money on a shelter. What we need to do is use our common sense and use the facilities already available in town, namely, Rotary Park.

The park has many advantages over the square in the summer, especially for people with young children.

? A bathroom

? A drinking fountain

? Green grass compared to hot asphalt

? Shade trees

? Water park

? No traffic (Spirit Square is surrounded by busy roads)

? Parking

Spirit Square looks nice but really isn’t that practical. Just because the province and federal governments have a million of our tax dollars to spend, doesn’t mean the City has extra tax dollars.

If they do build a portable shelter, our tax dollars will be paying the wages of the people who put it up and take it down each time.

Merritt residents and businesses pay way too many taxes already.

Jude Norberg

Merritt, B.C.