A local electric logging truck company will soon take the stage at a global conference and electric vehicle show, representing the Nicola Valley and their innovative way of bringing a new idea to life in an old fashioned way.

Truck driver Chace Barber and power system engineer Eric Little have operated Edison Motors since graduating university in 2016, building diesel generator powered electric vehicles out of their local shop. They hope to have their main project, a fully electric logging truck with a locomotive style engine, done in time for the Fully Charged Live Canada conference in September.

“This event is a huge opportunity for us to show how Edison Motors can be part of the solution and a greener, cleaner transportation system,” said Little. “Our goal is not only to be a part of a greener movement, but also to show that there is always room to repair trucks or their components instead of replacing them because that only contributes more waste to our planet.”

The pair first began their foray into electric vehicles when Edison Motors was beginning to install power generation systems, engineering and designing off-grid solar hybrid power systems in B.C. After their first successful design and construction project in a First Nations community in the province’s north, they turned their focus on the engineering process of diesel-electric semi-trucks using the same principles. 

By 2021, Edison Motors was building its own electric logging trucks from vintage truck chassis, and now the team is in the midst of building a fully functional electric truck that they will be showcasing at the Fully Charged event. Barber is documenting the process on his TikTok channel, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views. 

“Our goal is to educate the audience when we take to the stage in September. We’re so excited to be given the opportunity to show viewers that we can all take steps to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Barber. “Our team is constantly learning and finding new ways to be build more efficient and greener semi-trucks.”

Fully Charged will make its first appearance in Vancouver from September 8 to 10, with the three day electric vehicle and home show featuring vendors, speakers, electric vehicle test rides, electric concept zones, and conversation around the transition to clean energy. The event will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  

“We are pleased to be able to showcase what is new and next for electrification, renewable energy and clean technologies for consumers and businesses,” said Jason Heard, event coordinator for Fully Charged Live Canada.

“A critical part of moving to a cleaner, greener future is how we approach transportation. Edison Motors is a perfect example of a BC company that is taking the kind of steps that are going to make a real and tangible difference – and we are delighted that Founders Eric Little and Chace Barber are going to be on hand to share their story and inspire others.”

For more information on Edison Motors, visit www.edisonmotors.ca. To learn more about the Fully Charged Live Canada conference, go to their website at ca.fullycharged.live.