For the second week in a row, this will be a reminiscing column.

It was three years ago this past Wednesday that the hockey world was shocked by the horrific Humboldt Broncos bus crash.

Like most Canadians, the crash truly hit home for me. Prior to coming to Merritt, I was a sports reporter in Ontario covering a number of junior hockey teams.

Junior hockey players are some of the most humble, polite, and hardworking young men in sport. To hear of ten of their lives suddenly wiped out in an instant just seemed unfathomable.

Though the players who perished earned the majority of the media attention, there were six other hardworking staff that lost their lives that day: A young woman serving as the athletic therapist, two coaches, one play-by-play announcer, a statistician, and the bus driver.

As can be expected, hockey teams around the nation reminded the public of the three-year anniversary through their online platforms on Wednesday. It is one of those events that will truly never be forgotten in this nation, whether one is a sports fan or not.

Though financial compensation can never bring back a loved one, one only needs to remember how much the GoFundMe campaign raised for the families of both the perished and survived brought in. Canadians opened their wallets to the tune of $15.1-million, breaking a Canadian record.

The green, yellow and white of the Broncos will always be a part of Canadian lore.