The effects of the federal government’s Bill C-18, called the Online News Act, becomes more apparent each day, as more Canadian lose access to their news content on a number of popular platforms.

The newly implemented law sets a framework to compensate media outlets for their online content, and aims to create a more balanced market when it comes to online advertising. Advertising is the heart of our paper, much like any other news outlet, and online advertising has been monopolized by tech giants such as Google and Meta for years. 

Both Google and Meta have vowed to remove Canadian news links from its search engines and platforms. Meta, the parent company for Facebook and Instagram, said it too would stop sharing news on its platforms for Canadians. While this means the way you access the Herald’s content will change, our commitment to providing you with all the latest and breaking local news stronger than ever.

While the blocking of this content may not be a permanent measure, pending an agreement between the government and Google/Meta, we want to remind you that there are still plenty of ways to access local news. 

Be sure to visit the Herald’s website directly so you are seeing the latest stories and updates, along with following our Twitter/X account (@MerrittHerald). Our daily newsletter will summarize the previous day’s stories and provide you with a summary of what is happening in our community, and beyond. You can also bookmark our website for quick access to the content now blocked by Meta, and soon, Google. 

We look forward to continuing to shine a light on the stories of our community, sharing the people, places, and events that make Merritt and the Nicola Valley tick. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this new chapter in the digital media landscape.