While July 1 didn’t bring warm summer weather, it did bring out a crowd of residents and visitors many of whom started the day with the always popular pancake breakfast at the Seniors Centre. From all the reports, those in charge of the event were enthusiastic about the turnout and were happy that it offers families of all ages the chance to be together and how it especially offers seniors a unique opportunity to socialize with those they don’t see on a regular basis.

Even more special, from my perspective, was the opportunity to meet and interact with our new detachment member, Cst. Steve Grouhel and his family who attended the breakfast. In his red serge, he was hard to miss and he wasn’t shy about interacting with those in the room. I felt this offered him the chance to get a feel for the community while providing a unique opportunity for residents to be able to put a face to a name.

Then it was parade time. Although the number of participants/floats were much fewer than in previous years and while the wind and the cool temperatures may have reduced the size of the crowd, the level of enthusiasm remained high. For me, a couple of highlights from the parade included the interestingly decorated red sports car driven by chauffeur, Councillor Al Smith, who was joined by passengers/Councillors Gary Youd, Audrey LeBlanc and Acting Mayor, Robin Smith. The other was the Hidden Creek Drummers from Lytton who certainly added a unique touch I hadn’t seen before to the parade.

The food stands on the grounds of the Recreation Centre operated by both Logan Lake businesses and community volunteers made sure that, for a very reasonable price, no one went hungry. Then, with renewed energy, folks were able, at no charge, to bustle into the curling club where they were able to check out the local artists exhibiting a fascinating variety of art forms. The cere painting table, with coaching from multi-medium artist, Caroline Kutsche, offered both children and adults the opportunity, again at no charge, to try a new art form. This was extremely popular with long but enthusiastic line-ups happening throughout Canada Day. While the turn- out at Festival the next day was much less than the day before, it was still larger than had been anticipated so Arts Council members were happy.

The afternoon concluded with draws for the Arts Council’s always popular and unique raffle prizes and the winners were: Charlene Gitzel, Ella Brown and Linda Bailey.

At the conclusion of the event, Arts Council members simply ran out of compliments to acknowledge the support of District Council and, especially, the District staff who truly went out of their way offering assistance that was both welcomed and appreciated, before, during and after the event. So what’s there left to say but thanks!