An Evacuation Order has been issued for the entire City of Merritt.

“Our staff have been working diligently throughout these changing circumstances with one main priority in mind: the safety and wellbeing of our residents,” reads a statement from the City of Merritt.

The flood waters have now inundated two bridges across the Coldwater River, and flood waters prevent access to the third.

High flood waters have rendered the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant inoperable for an indefinite period.  Continued habitation of the community without sanitary services presents risk of mass sewage back-up and personal health risk.

An Evacuation Order has been issued for the entire City of Merritt. Residents with friends or family outside of the community should make plans to stay with them and evacuate to that location.

For anyone who does not have somewhere to stay, please proceed to Kamloops or Kelowna. If you have any support available in either location, go there. If you do not, residents of odd numbered houses please proceed to Kamloops, residents of even numbered houses proceed to Kelowna.

The Kamloops ESS Reception Centre is located at McArthur Island (1655 Island Parkway). Directions: proceed North on Highway 5.

The Kelowna ESS Reception Centre is located at 1480 Sutherland Avenue. Directions: take highway 97C East to Kelowna.

Evacuees can register online or contact 1-800-585-9559 for more information.

We have established a Muster Point at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena (2075 Mamette Ave), where we will have bus evacuation services for individuals with mobility issues and those without access to vehicles or otherwise unable to find alternate transportation.

The City of Merritt has requested that all gas stations remain open for residents leaving the city.

Mayor Brown said: “Merritt is and will remain strong. At this time, we need everyone to proceed in a calm and orderly manner to safe locations in nearby cities. For your own safety, you must now leave Merritt, for the time being. Please, offer help to your friends, families, and neighbours, drive safely, and take care of yourselves. We will meet each other again, in our homes, where we belong.”