Residents within Phase 3 and Phase 4 in Merritt can now return immediately to their homes, with the exception of those in the New Evacuation Order area mandated by the city.

Properties that are under a New Evacuation Order are noted below in the New Evacuation Order map.

Find a full list of properties under the New Evacuation Order here: Address_List_Evacuation_Alert_Dec3A-1

“The properties that remain under Evacuation Order are either: un-inhabitable, unsafe, do not have natural gas, do not have water, do not have sewer, do not have electricity, or a combination of these situations,” said Alan Stebbing, Emergency Information Officer.

Residents in who are not in the New Evacuation Order area were able to return home today, December 3rd at 2:00 PM.

Return Home:

  • Sewage systems are available for use.
  • A “BOIL WATER NOTICE” is now in place for the whole city. Water must be brought to a rolling boil for at least 60 seconds and then stored in food grade containers.
  • Garbage collection will resume for areas outside of the New Evacuation Order area next week (December 6th) on the normal garbage pick-up schedule.
  • Residents must be aware of the hazards and potential dangers that come with accessing flood affected areas. Some roadways are not accessible due to infrastructure damage such as buckled sidewalks and roads and eroded road shoulders. Other hazards include closed-off areas; contaminated soils; sinkholes; and extensive debris/mud/water.
  • First responders and emergency vehicles may not be able to easily access all areas within the city.
  • Check for damage to electrical or gas equipment that may have been damaged by the floodwater. Do not turn anything on until equipment has been inspected by a licensed gas or electrical contractor.

NEW Evacuation Order Areas:

  • Residents who remain under Evacuation Order are eligible for Day Access between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.
  • Properties that are under an Evacuation Order still qualify for ESS supports.