The Second World War was raging with Hitler’s armies conquering European nations. Hitler talked of the 1,000 years Reich to rule Europe and the world. Many feared he’d succeed. While England’s future seemed unsure, Arthur S. Maxwell, an editor of Signs of the Times, kept encouraging British people that Hitler wouldn’t succeed.

German pastor Hasel (a conscientious objector) was drafted into Hitler’s army advancing into Russia. A high commanding officer asked him: “Do you believe Hitler will win the war?” This was a catch-22. Giving a biblical answer would cost his life. Assured it wouldn’t, he explained to the officer the contents of Daniel 2. More high ranking officers wanted to hear him the next day. In a nutshell, he told them why – based on God’s word – Hitler could not succeed.

What made these two men so sure? In Daniel 2, God gave proud Nebuchadnezzar at the zenith of his power a dream. Prophet Daniel gave the king a description and interpretation of it. Nebuchadnezzar saw a scary statue made of four metals (head of gold, arms/chest of silver, belly/thighs of bronze, legs of iron and feet and 10 toes, partly of iron and partly of brittle clay). Daniel explained: there’ll be four powerful empires in that part of the world. Bible scholars understand these as Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greek, then Rome – and no monolith fifth empire to follow. Rome would be divided into 10 parts. Weakened by inward corruption, immorality overrun by invasion of Germanic tribes, Rome disintegrated in the fifth century. Rome divided into 10 original nations. History proves this 2,500-year-old prophecy accurate.

Monarchs and religious leaders attempted to re-unite Europe and failed. Hitler, told of this prophecy by a Christian relative, proudly replied: “Let God mind His own business and I’ll do mine.” Political and religious ambitions, persecutions and wars combining the church’s use of secular powers were responsible for 100 to 200 million deaths, claim some historians. Intermarriage treaties and church edicts didn’t work either.

Today, tireless efforts are made to unite Europe into the European Union. We see big problems in vain attempts that challenge God’s word. Daniel 2:43.45 states: “they will not stick one to another … the dream is certain and its interpretation is sure.” Do people ever learn? Mankind defies or ignores God to its own hurt.

Human selfishness, corruption, increasing control by the powerful and rich, political and economic domination and religious maneuvering won’t succeed. Daniel 2 offers a different outcome. Jesus, the Rock of Ages, is coming with power and great glory. He sacrificed His life for us self-centred people. Today, through the gospel, He longs to establish His kingdom of unselfish love, grace and peace in human hearts. His second coming is getting closer.

Submitted by Karel Samek, pastor of Merritt Seventh Day Adventist Church