The family of a missing Merritt man are confirming via social media that his remains were located on Saturday (April 29). 

Daniel Nathan Meeker, 42, of Douglas Lake was last seen on June 19, 2022 after crashing his vehicle into the Nicola River near the Nicola Lake Dam. An RCMP press release from June of last year said that police suspected Meeker had washed down the Nicola River towards Merritt, with eyewitnesses from the site of the crash saying that the lone occupant of the vehicle surfaced briefly before disappearing underwater.

Both Merritt RCMP and Meeker’s family have been conduction searches for the missing man since his disappearance, including a number of searches by family in recent weeks, with the family confirming in a Facebook post that the remains found recently in the Nicola River were Meeker’s.

Merritt RCMP Sgt. Josh Roda confirmed to Kamloops based CFJC News that human remains were recovered in the river, but was not able to comment further when asked by CFJC News last week. The Herald has reached out to Merritt RCMP for further comment.