Dear Editor:
RE: Stockwell Day and Federal Election Fever
So who’s pounding the drum for a Federal election? I suggest that despite the “spin” the Cons put on it we will have a Federal election because the Cons are doing everything in their power to create an environment that will give the opposition parties no alternative but to vote against a budget that includes amongst other things a big tax break for Corporate Canada (read BIG banks and U.S. corporations). But then the Harper government seems to be more in tune with big Corporations than ordinary struggling Canadians.
Instead of adding to Harper’s record $56-billion deficit by borrowing $6-billion more for tax breaks to the largest corporations, Liberals will address the economic pressures facing Canadian families when it comes to family care, pensions, learning and jobs… those are the drums the Liberals are pounding.
John Yellowlees,
President of Okanagan-Coquihalla Riding Association, Liberal Party of Canada