Mayor Susan Roline and Councillors

Dear Madam:

I write concerning the ‘crisis’ regarding feral cats being a threat, etc. to your city.

Feral cats are animals who were slyly thrown into the bushes by self serving humans and then when they have managed to stay alive are being thought of as ‘vermin’ by other self righteous human beings.

How very sad it all is and of course a true picture of why our wonderful planet ‘earth’ is so besieged everywhere we live or look.

Feral cat rescue groups will be coming to do everything humanely possible to help Angie Koczkur with her spay / neuter program, thus also helping the City of Merritt.

As a younger person I often read the writings of James Michener who I find now had thoughts well ahead of his time and I quote ‘Every animal that walks on earth, or swims, or flies is precious beyond description, something so rare and wonderful that it equals the stars or the oceans or the mind of man.’

Violet Winegarden

Gibsons, BC