The Nicola Valley and District Food Bank are partnering up with a local grocery store to collect donations of frozen goods amidst an unexpected downturn in donations, coupled with an increase in the food bank’s client base. The food bank is a non-profit organization that relies on community donations, grants, and fundraisers to keep operations running smoothly.

Food bank staff told the Herald that donations have dipped in recent months, which is unusual for this time of year. This has left the food bank to cut back on portion sizes of meat given to clients, among other cost saving measures. Meat is a main need of the organization currently, and organizers are hopeful this fundraiser will fill the freezer with exactly what it needs. 

“The donations have been down, and our freezers are pretty empty,” said Derlanda Hewton, manager of the food bank. 

“Save on Foods and I talked yesterday, and they want us to do a ‘fill the foodbank freezer’ event. We’re going to take a freezer to Save On for January 27, 28, and 29, and hopefully we can get some meat.”

In addition to adding meat and other frozen items to the freezer on site at Save On Foods in the Railyard Mall, those doing their grocery shopping January 27 to 29, between 11:00am and 3:00pm, will be able to donate funds at the till as well. Funds raised this way will be given back in gift card form to the food bank, which purchases a number of its products from local grocery stores. Those who donate towards Fill the Freezer will be entered to win a Save On Foods gift basket. 

While meat is their main need, Hewton added that the food bank is accepting all frozen and freezable goods during the three day fundraiser. She added that the food bank recognizes times are tough for many in the current economic environment, and is appreciative of any and all donations, big or small. 

“We’re accepting any frozen goods, but we’re really hoping for the meat,” added Hewton.

“It means everything to us. With the support of the grocery stores here in town, we’ve been able to keep up with the rise in the number of clients, and provide them with more healthy choices.” 

For more information on the Nicola Valley and District Food Bank, including donation and volunteering opportunities, visit, or call 250-378-2282. The food bank is located at 2026 Quilchena Avenue, and is currently open Tuesday through Thursday.