In late January, an SUV filled with goods pulled up to the Nicola Valley Food Bank in Merritt in honour of a retired Handydart employee that has been highly impacted by the November flooding.

Brian Peters, representing the share-ride service, brought boxes upon boxes donated by the Handydart staff in Surrey, meeting up with Merrittonian Donna Rae in the process for the dropoff.

Rae, who has been retired for approximately five years, continues to be evacuated from her home in Phase 4 of the evacuation.

“We put out a donations box at Christmas”, said Brian Peters, who made the delivery from Surrey. “All of the employees from Handydart in Surrey got together and put some food together, and I drove down and donated it.”

The delivery consisted of about a dozen cardboard boxes full.

“There’s a little of everything,” said Peters. “From juice, to soup, to nuts, pasta, a whole bunch of stuff. They were going to donate it in Vancouver, and I said ‘no, I want to take it to Merritt.”