Needing donations now perhaps more than ever, the Nicola Valley Food Bank recently received an influx of cash from WorkBC.

Community Futures Thompson Country is donating $5,000 towards its WorkBC locations in Merritt, Ashcroft, and Lillooet locations, splitting the donation between the three areas.

“We struggle all year long, and right now it’s nice not to have the stress because of amazing donations like this,” said Derlanda Hewton, the Executive Director of the Nicola Valley bank.

The Merritt location will receive the highest amount of money, getting $2,000. The other two locations will each get $1,500.

WorkBC stressed the reasons for the donation, and that the current pandemic has made food access even more challenging: especially for those who were already.

“Community Futures Thompson Country is pleased to lend support to these organizations providing basic food necessities to our most vulnerable populations,” vsaid Thompson-Nicola Programs Manager Deborah Petrovitch. “With COVID-19 continuing to affect employment and income levels, we are acutely aware of food security issues experienced by many of our residents who are impacted by low income limitations. Our local food banks work tirelessly to address these issues and are an immeasurable benefit to our community.”

The Nicola Valley Food Bank Society operates from Tuesday to Thursday from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.