The Nicola Valley and District Food Bank is gearing up for another busy season of supporting the community’s wellbeing following its annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, September 21. A number of attendees elected a board of directors which will guide the direction and focus of the Nicola Valley Food Bank until the next AGM. 

It’s no secret that the local food bank has been kept busy due to the events of past years, which included economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the destruction caused by the November 2021 flooding event, and a number of busy and record breaking wildfire seasons. The Nicola Valley Food Bank has been operational throughout these emergencies, distributing food, clothing, and other donations to those affected, and their existing clientele. The food bank is entirely non-profit, and relies on volunteers to operate.

“We are looking for board members to help fill positions, especially the secretary position,” said Food Bank Manager Derlanda Hewton. 

“We’re also looking for members that are eager to grow with us, because we’re coming up on a time where we’re going to begin our campaign for a new building. It’s going to be an exciting time for us in our future here.” 

The Nicola Valley Food Bank serves an average of 900 clients weekly out of its Quilchena Avenue location, an 1800 square foot storefront that the non-profit uses to receive, sort, and distribute its donated food and other goods. The organization hopes to secure a larger location, allowing for an expansion of services and avoiding the need to rent a separate location for their annual Christmas hamper program. This was a main topic of discussion at the AGM, which also saw the following Directors elected to the board:

Chair: Deanna Palmgren 

Vice-Chair: Neil Todd 

Treasurer: Cindy Muchowski 

Secretary: VACANT

“It was a bit quiet this year, we actually did it fairly quickly, but we gave our thirty days notice,” said Hewton.  

“Our AGM for 2022 will be in April of 2023.”

The newly elected Directors will serve only a seven month term leading up to the next AGM, which will renew the mandate of the Food Bank and set the goals for another year ahead. Currently, volunteers and food bank staff are working to secure a location for their annual Christmas hamper program, which distributes food, clothing, and gifts to hundreds of families in the Valley around Christmas time. The program is highly labour intensive, and committed food bank volunteers work many hours to assemble and distribute hundreds of hampers. 

The Nicola Valley and District Food Bank always welcomes and appreciates monetary donations, and is actively seeking both board members and committed volunteers. For more information, or to get involved, visit