Continuing their series of library based events after the success of the recent Newcomers’ Tea, Merritt’s Friends of the Library will soon host a community conversation with speakers on wildflowers, invasive plants, and composting, as well as an opportunity for open discussion.

The event, called Conversations on Wildflowers, Invasive Plants & Composting, will be hosted by the Friends, the Thompson Nicola Regional District, and sponsored by United Way. The idea for the talk came from community members interested in the topic of local flora. 

“When I originally applied for the United Way Love Fund, I asked for funds for three different events,” said Chelsea Werrun, lead volunteer with the Friends. “The first one was the Newcomers’ Tea, and this second one came from interested people wanting to learn more about some local wildflowers and invasives.”

From there, the event quickly took form, with the Friends inviting Andrea Lawrence and Alan Burger of the Nicola Naturalist Society to present a 20 minute PowerPoint on local wildflowers, while Coleen Hougen and Andrew Roebbelen of the TNRD will present on the regional districts’ invasive plant program services and new composting initiatives, respectively.

The community conversation will take place from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, at the Merritt Library. Following the speakers’ presentations, there will be an opportunity to discuss the topic and to socialize. Light refreshments will also be provided. 

Werrun noted that suggestion from Friends, library patrons, and community members ensure that events reflect the interests of the community. After noting the number of Nicola Valley newcomers at the Friends’ last event, the Newcomers’ Tea, Werrun and the FoL quickly began planning the next gathering to keep the library and its many resources at the forefront of the community.

“It actually helps, because I applied for this funding to kind of build some idea of what the community wants to see, so getting these suggestions helps build that interest of what’s available,” noted Werrun. “Now, because we have expanded our list a little with new people to Merritt, this is just a great event to add to the list and utilize the library space to get people connected again.” 

With funding still remaining for a third and final event sponsored by the United Way Love Fund, Werrun noted that she would like to see a talk by a local Indigenous author on their writing and publishing process for a possible wrap-up event. 

To submit a suggestion for the next event, or for more information on the Conversations on Wildflowers, Invasive Plants & Composting event next month, email [email protected], or talk to library staff. The Merritt Library is located at 1691 Garcia Street.