Dear Editor:

Monday March 7 we were in Kamloops and discovered the average price of gasoline, regular grade, is $1.17.9 per litre. This same grade fuel in Merritt cost $1.23.9 per litre.

I went to MLA Harry Lali and asked why the difference in cost per litre.

The answer I got was that the cost of fuel is unregulated and that gas station fuel companies can charge whatever they want and there is nothing we can do about it.

I then asked if anybody, federal or provincial, had any control over pricing.

Lali’s office didn’t know exactly but considered the difference in cost price gouging.

The next time we go to Kamloops we will take a jerry can with us and try not to fill up in Merritt until fuel prices are the same or lower in Merritt.

If Merrittonnians cut back on fuel purchases locally the price of fuel will drop.

People passing through Merritt who know what fuel costs, north and south of Merritt, will bypass this town and fuel up elsewhere at reasonable prices. I know we will.

A. Mackinnon